Groov'Kréyòl, caribbean world music singer

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DJOKLA was born in Martinique, a French island of the Caribbean.
By drawing from the traditional echos of his native country, he expresses his Strength; where from the choice of this Creole word which became its pen name in 2010.
Installed in Strasbourg since 1990, DJOKLA is sensitive to the concerns of the expatriates and becomes aware that the culture is a wealth which increases to be shared.
Inspired by his Caribbean roots, by the Afro-American trunk and by the European branches, he approaches themes, songs and rhythms in a deep, playful and festive way.
In a spirit which navigates between the Creole tones, the African harmonies and the Brazilian melodies, the singer and keyboard player DJOKLA, explores the contemporary music.
Within Yannick Savoye, Steel Men Roots, Tribe Man Project, Mystic Man, Casamance Music, Som Brasil, Anzala Ka … and many others; he occurred in cities of Europe and the Antilles, in first part of prestigious artists such Salif Keita, Tiken Jah Fakoli, Olodum, Kali or still Yvon Anzala.
From 2010 till 2014, we were able to see him on stage in Nancy Jazz Pulsations, in the Festival Artefact (Strasbourg), in PopKomm (Berlin), to the Baladin Festival (Italy), in the Cannes film festival, and in numerous Parisian rooms.
In 2015, fort of these past experiences, determined to make his project exist, he asserted itself real showman, galvanizing the crowd by assuring the first parts of Keen’ V, in front of a public of whom he was unknown.
Inspired by the musics of Eugène Mona, Kassav ‘, of Carlhinos Brown and Frank Zappa, he created, revisit, expanded of the authentic rhythms where each recognizes itself.
When DJOKLA makes every effort to melt the authentic in the modern, him created a musical, rich energy e colors, on lively rhythms.
Accompanied in his project by a talented team, which shares its values, he makes resound the enjoyment, love, life … A strength.

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